Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Two Weird Encounters

Last night I went to the dentist, and when the assistant put the X-ray vest on me, I quietly asked her if we could skip the X-rays this time. She smiled and said—period a little late is it? I said—oh, I’m a little more positive than that, but it’s way too early to discuss. Then she flat out asks me—no warning or reason—did you do fertility drugs? I was taken aback and said, well, not exactly, but we did need help. (I always think taking fertility drugs specifically means you used clomid. Now, we all know I’ve been plenty hopped up on IVF fertility drugs, but they were only a means to the larger procedure.) She launched into how she had to take clomid and how her daughters both had trouble conceiving but finally did with drugs. We talked a little more, and somehow the topic of age came up. I mentioned that most women in my family waited until their early thirties to have kids, even my grandmother. She asked when my grandmother had her first, and I said 32—it was her first and only pregnancy because she had twins. And get this, she asks me—did your grandmother do IVF? I bit my tongue to keep from laughing since this woman was going to have sharp instruments in my mouth any moment. No, I said, twins just run in my family…heavily.

I knew I’d have to get used to these types of conversations with people, but so soon? And so randomly?

The second incident I brought upon myself. I snuck over to the pregnancy section of Borders book store to grab a copy of What to Eat When You Are Expecting. I figured that establishing the right eating habits was important enough that I could buy this book now, even so soon. I was about to creep away to pay for it when two young girls came up behind me. “Oh, are you pregnant?!,” the one exclaims. “Um. A little. Maybe, we’ll see,” I stammered. “Well are you or not?” she demanded. I managed to say, “I got a positive on Friday.” “Congratulations,” she said. “I tested positive yesterday.” She and the friend went cheerfully on their way picking out tons of pregnancy books while I booked it (ha ha) to the sales counter. My face was red and I felt flustered, but also a little pleased. I just sorta passed for a p-woman.


Lisa said...

I've observed some odd reactions to a pregnant woman. Some take it upon themselves to feel the woman's tummy. Others, as in your case, are forward enough to just ask.
Ironically I was in Borders this weekend and overheard two ladies chatting about their kids. The conversation quickly turned to 'Oh, did you do the drug thing too? What were you on? We put 3 in but were hoping only one took. Twins would have killed me.' This solidified how common the fertility treatment club has become. We're but mere members of a much larger population. Congrats again!

Jamie said...

Be forewarned --- while "What to Eat When You Are Expecting" is a good book it is also very extreme. I honestly do not think anyone could follow all of their rules.

Last Spring I made some of their recipes. The brownies aren't too bad but some of the other things weren't very good. I'll have to get my book out (I wrote next to the recipes I tried) and let you know what not to waste your time on!

Emmie said...

Yeah, I guess I need to face facts that IF is just not a big deal to a lot fo people. It sure is to me! I wish I could be blase and say--of course I did IVF, is there any other way to get pregnant? But I can't.

Yes, please warn me about bad recipes! Here I was flipping through the book last night thinking, yummm. At least I got it on sale. ;) I hope you'll be reviving that cookbook with a positive beta from your upcoming FET. Fingers crossed!

GLouise said...

Interesting comment from your dental hygienist. "Oh, yes, gramma was an ivf pioneer!" LOL!

And I guess I am becoming a bitter, bitter woman, b/c my first thought at reading about the pregnant young girl was "UGGGG!" I can only hope she wasn't a teenager.

But, I am so very happy for YOU!

And- you've bought your first pregnancy related book! Hurrah!

Motel Manager said...

Those are very interesting interactions indeed! Congrats on passing for a pregnant woman. :)

Hopeful Mother said...

Interesting encounters.

I had the dentist experience too - except I wasn't pregnant either time. The first time it was when I still thought we could conceive on our own and my period was late... the second time I was 2dp5dt and was cautiously hoping that I was pregnant... but to no avail. I didn't have the guts to tell the hygenist that we just did IVF. Haven't really talked with anyone about this except family.

I don't know what I will do if I ever do become pregnant. I'm sure it will take a while for me to get the nerve to call myself "p."

KE said...

Congrats again - I'm so happy for you!

When we started moving on with IUI and accepted that we might need IVF, I found out that my husband's aunt went through IVF when it was still considered experimental. She was part of a research study that still has reunions to marvel at their success. It's amazing how you can find these things out and connect with people.

NikkiNix said...

You're "P" it's okay to say it :)

You really are P !

Yayyyy... p p p p p p pp p p p pp tee hee :)

Congrats girl, I hope to join you one day sooner than later !!