Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Too Much Information Report

The following report assessing my body’s condition since transfer is Too Much Information of the grandest scale. Don’t bother reading unless you’re really curious or want to conduct this exercise in futility with me. I’m just recording what I see—it’s for science, man.

Captain’s Log, 5dp3dt:
My chest is continuing to grow and throb. (this symptom emerged with the first PIO shot)Boobs approaching porn star quality—a new look for me.

The few pounds I dropped over the weekend are back and concentrated right on my tummy—a good sign or just bloat?

After a particularly quiet day in the uterus yesterday, I woke up with cramps and have had a few minor cramps throughout the day (this symptom emerged with first PIO shot)

My constipation finally eased today and I have paid several productive trips to the restroom as a result. (Could account for some of the abdominal cramping?)

My blotchy face is very oily (this symptom emerged with first PIO shot)

My level of irritability is cranked all the way up to—yikes, get out the way, she’s gonna blow! (this symptom emerged with first PIO shot)

The light brown spotting I saw the two days immediately after transfer has stopped, to be replaced my a white, creamy goo that isn’t too plentiful but enough to get my attention.

Mental state—unstable. Tears, frequent. Optimism, low. Desire to drink a bottle of wine, high. Willpower, superb.


Lisa said...

Nothing like being in PIO hell. Every symptom you mention can be attributed to that. I'm sorry. Hang in there.

Motel Manager said...

The 2ww is the time when you MOST need a bottle of wine, and yet you're not allowed to drink it. Injustice!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you....

NikkiNix said...

Yiiikes - prnstar quality - eeekkks!!
No wine, no s*x, absolutely an injustice !!!