Monday, September 18, 2006

Quick Update from My Remote Location

Hello out there! I'm reporting live from a lovely resort where the weather is in the upper 80s and there are palm trees swaying outside my window. Yet even these lovely conditions are not enough to keep me from sweating the two week wait. Maybe because I'm also working out here...Nah, it's all two week wait related.

I'm at 10dp3dt, and I don't have the courage to do the HPT tomorrow morning. I'm afraid of being alone in my hotel room seeing the BFN and then having to spend all day working at my conference, which is so different from being able to retreat to my little office where no one sees me unless I choose to be seen. If I do an HPT, it won't be until I'm back at home with H on Thursday morning. H is strongly against me doing the HPT though. Beta is still set for Friday. At least I'll have the weekend to cry over the results. Not feeling optimistic, can you tell?

My "symptoms' are exactly the same as they were last week, not long after I started the PIO shots. My boobs (I HATE that word--so I'm calling them "the ladies") My ladies are still sore and swollen, but no more than they were in the beginning of the wait. I've been having consistent period-like cramps every night that wake me up. My skin has cleared up, but my tummy had poofed out a little more. The tummy is also kind hard. Is that a good sign? Sunday seems to be my "can't stop crying day," as yesterday I had a repeat of last Sunday's cry fest, complete with minor temper tantrum.

I'm exhausted, but that's because I've been on my feet more than I should the past 3 days. I know, I know. But at least I was practically on bed rest for 3 whole days after transfer. I took it REAL easy at first, but now I have no choice but to be walking and on my feet. I am taking plenty of breaks and getting enough sleep, though.

Will be back tomorrow to address my tag from Jamie over at Sticky Feet! (

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Motel Manager said...

I think cramps are a good sign...don't worry about the others, since they all come from progesterone anyway.

I totally understand not wanting to do an HPT alone and then have to go to work immediately after. With my IVF#2, I could have taken an HPT right before I was leaving for a full day of meetings in Chicago, but I waited until the next morning because I didn't want to have to process the possible BFN at a time when I needed to concentrate.

Good luck!! Keep us posted!