Monday, January 09, 2012

A New Chapter

Boy, that new blog sure didn't take off! Talk about a crash landing!

Well friends, I'm sorry to report I have a new medical drama unfolding bfore me, and I'm debating on whether or not to use blogging as an outlet for it.

Right before Thanksgiving I found a small lump in my right breast. I'm only 35 and I had just had a clean mammogram 2 months before, but I knew something just was not right. Gut instincts were correct as usual. I was diagnosed with breast cancer right before Christmas.

C'mon now. Can this really be happening? I dealt with infertility. I barely survived severe pregnancy complications. I struggled through reconstructive abdominoplasty. Now breast cancer at a young age??? And all within 4 years? Talks about WTF!!! I can't seem to catch a break, friends.

I'm still in the diagnostic phase. As of this writing, I am sitting on pins and needles to learn the results of a more extensive biopsy I just had, which will determine my treatment going forward. Initially based on what was found my prognosis is very good--it's what they haven't identified yet that is scaring the pants off of me.

My little boys are so wonderful. They give me the courage to keep going with my chin up. But it is so hard to accept this. Getting the doctor appointment registration papers in the mail labeling me as a cancer patient are jarring. I thought infertility was going to be my one big health crisis. Then the HELLP syndrome. Now this?

Positive thoughts requested!

Emmie, the health lemon