Sunday, May 06, 2007

In the middle of the night...

I get up every hour, on the hour, like clockwork. I finally gave up and decided to write a quick post and check out anything else new in Blogland.

My parents were near my house today for an afternoon party, so they called to see if they could stop by and bring dinner. This was a parents never just stop by, even when I encourage them to. I said okay, as long as they understood I was not doing so well and would probably stay in bed. I figured H would definitely benefit from some decent food and company. It turned out to be a very nice visit, and the dinner they brought was amazing. Several of my favorite fresh veggies that they steamed when they arrived, a colorful salad, and ribs they picked up from a nearby restaurant. It was the best meal I ate all week.

My parents were shocked to see how my condition has deteriorated from just a few weeks ago at Easter. My knees and calves have swollen up to match my balloon feet and I can barely hobble around. My parents immediately saw the increased size of my already over-extended belly. My mom, who typically has no pity for any pain I describe or will match it with her own story of discomfort, was all sympathy (several times I've heard how she had to walk uphill in snow with swollen feet a week before she delivered me). I think this means I'm going to die, because my mom has never shown sympathy for any pain I've been in...she's just not the comforting type. That's always been my dad's role.

Yeah, so I'm pretty uncomfortable right now. Anxiously awaiting Tuesday. Praying the babes will be okay. Praying I will be okay. Surgery scares me, though I've been trying not to focus on it. If you don't hear from me the next two days, I'll be back soon, hopefully doing a lot better with two boys in my arms.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

The final stretch...

I'm still here, limping along. Friday was pure hell. I had an appointment with the peri, then my OB, then a non-stress test. All told, I spent 4 straight hours of people poking and prodding me my belly. Baby B moved so much during the non-stress test that they couldn't track his heart beat with the movements like they needed to. They finally gave up, figuring if he is that active he is fine.

So, it turns out I need a C-section after all. Both babies are transverse, one on top of the other. The OB was very glad she had already scheduled me for Tuesday. Evidently, having twins transverse at this late stage is part of the reason why I'm in so much pain. They are truly stretching me to the limit. Last week, when Baby A's head was down in my pelvis, had been the day I felt the best. I guess he just doesn't want to stay there anymore.

My neighbor who had her twins a few weeks ago had been strongly against a C-section, and she has since told me now how wonderful it was--nothing at all like she expected. (She even had a previous vaginal delivery to compare it to.) I know that she too was in immense pain before the C-section took place at 37 weeks. Right now, every hour is such a struggle for me. It's nothing like I expected. My sister, who is 3 weeks behind me with a singleton, is still living a normal life, shopping and eating out, visiting friends. I've been cooped up and experiencing increasing pain for over two months.

My friends without kids don't get how much pain I'm in. They call all the time, asking to get together, and seem surprised when they find out I'm in bed asleep or resting. I feel like they see me as being melodramatic about the whole thing when I explain that I really can't do anything right now. One friend keeps pushing for me and H to go to the movies with her this weekend, yet I can barely sit right now.

Another friend keeps asking how soon she can come see the babies next week--she's asked no less than 3 times if she can be here the first weekend we're home. When I suggested she come see us briefly in the hospital instead and wait a few weeks before coming to the house, she started in on asking H about coming over.

I'm glad that friends are so eager to spend time with us and welcome the babies, but between them and family, I know it's time H and I make a game plan for setting some boundaries. Especially after reading Jenny's post about all her initial visitors!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I'm Still Here...

In answer to Motel Manager's comment, "Last night, I dreamed you had them today. Any truth to that?? :)" ...

Today I've only given birth to more hemorrhoids (whimper). The babies are still cooking!

I'm so happy to be at 36 weeks and 1 day. Would you believe I have outlasted my grandmother and my cousin, who both had "natural" twin pregnancies and are much larger women than me? My grandmother had her twins at 33 weeks, and as a result my mom and uncle spent a month in the hospital. My cousin had her twins at about 34 weeks, with the babies being born at about 3 pounds each. I can now thumb my nose at the reports that say IVF moms have their twins earlier than natural moms.