Sunday, September 10, 2006

A New Beginning

I agreed totally with Cloe's comment to my last post that H's grandmother passing on the same day as our transfer might signify the start of a new beginning for a new life (or two!), and that gives me a feeling of peace. H's grandmother was a wonderful woman and she lived a very full life. She has more grandchildren and great grandchildren than I can keep track of, and she was always very kind towards me. She is the only grandparent of H's that I got to know, and I am sad that she won't be here to see us have any kids.

Note: The following part of this post may self-destruct in 24 hours
What I'm not okay with right now is H's parents. They started calling us at 9 am this morning, and then proceeded to call every 15 minutes as they thought of new developments to tell H.

Um, hi. It's early. On a Sunday. I'm still recovering from a major frickin' procedure and my rest and well being is pretty important at the moment. Could you wait until noon until you have all the details to call us instead of waking us up every 15 minutes?!?!?!

Of course H was patient with them and didn't say anything, and it wasn't until the last call at 10:30 that they were like--Is Emmie doing okay? H told them I was fine, but truth is, I'm not. I'm very sore, very irritable, crampy, and tired. The PIO shots are doing their stuff for sure. I had sore boobs the night before transfer even took place, so I know I won't be reading my body for any true pregnancy symptoms.


Thalia said...

I'm' sorry to hear you've got a bunch of additional stress to deal with. I hope that the funeral goes as well as possible.

GLouise said...

I can relate to the frequent calls! ugg!

Hope you are feeling OK today. Cheers,