Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Feelin' All Right

Just a quick post to report that I had retrieval at 12:45 today and all went well, at least on my part. They retrieved 14 eggs so I was super excited. After that good news, the embriologist came in and asked H to try and give another sample because the first one had very low counts. Not so good news. We waited around to find out that the second sample was worse than the first. Poor H. I feel so bad for him. He didn't talk much for several hours.

We signed the paperwork to permit ICSI when we first turned in out authorization forms, but the plan was not to use ICSI unless needed. It is needed. I know H is really struggling with this. Me, I'm thinking--fertilize those 14 eggs!!!

I'm praying that the small delay in starting the ICSI process will not affect our results. I know not all eggs are fertilized with ICSI (or even with conventional IVF), and some of the eggs they retrieved might not even be good enough for fertilization. Please God, let us have at least a few fertilize.

I feel fine enough to go to work tomorrow, but I've decided to work from home so I can be by myself when I get the first fertilization report tomorrow. I'm scared of what it will be, mostly for H's sake. This whole IVF process has been much easier on me than him. Since the physical part was virtually painless, I am happy with our decision to do this. I just hope we will make it to transfer. I really feel for those people who have had cancelled cycles and never even get to retrieval. Not being able to move forward is the worst part.


Meg said...

Best wisahes for tomorrow, Emmie. I know how awful this part is. But good old ICSI, thank god for it.

snowhite said...

Hey Emmie,

Hope fertilisation went well - the wait is terrible.

I agree things almost get harder when boys have trouble - they can feel so crushed.

My fingers are crossed for you.