Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Weather Today: Foggy

Not just outside, but in my left ovary. The tech doing my ultrasound this morning said she couldn't really see whether I had 6 or 7 follicles on my left side because it was "foggy." She couldn't find the cyst that had been spotted on Tuesday due to the fog. She said there was some fluid; maybe the cyst ruptured, hence the fogginess. Who knows. She wasn't real talkative, and she was really focused on digging around in there to see. Not fun. I wonder if my left side is going to be a bust since that's the side with the tube blockage. I still worry that the tube blockage might mess up my IVF success chances, since I've read several things about people having defective tubes removed before trying IVF. My RE said that my tube was not a hydrosalphinx and therefore surgery was unnecessary, but the tech who did the HSG called it one. Ugh.

Anyhow, the good news is that my right side checked in with 7 follies, one up from Tuesday. On Tuesday only one follie was big enough to be measured, but today four were. I don't recall their sizes, but it seems things are progessing nicely, minus the fog.

My next monitoring is 8:00 am Saturday. Between the shots and the appointments, there's just no sleeping in any more. At least the office is only 30 minutes away.
After Saturday, I’ll have daily monitoring on Sun, Mon, and Tues. It sucks that there is a $40 co-pay each time. Goodbye all hopes of a any new fall clothing. But the good news is, we're getting close!

I'll write more when I'm not feeling so whiny.


Hopeful Mother said...

Your right side sounds good - but interesting with the left. I hope they can still get a "few good eggs" out of that side despite the fluid.

I hear you on the sleeping in... and I wish we *only* had a co-pay for our appointments... when I think about what the per-visit costs are (dividing our package deal by number of visits and time) it is just shocking. Do you have IVF insurance coverage?

Hope548 said...

I hope the fog will clear soon! Sounds like things are going well with all those follicles!

Alli said...

Emmie! Congrats on your follies. That's great news! The exam did not sound fun, though. LOL.

Hey, this is a great place to whine and the people who read these blogs know how it feels, so vent away.


Motel Manager said...

I hope the fogginess goes away, and that there are no problems caused by the tube on that side. 7 on the right is great!

Jamie said...

Your follies will continue to grow over the next several days. I think that the information you found sounds high, especially if your clinic is trying to avoid OHSS.

While I totally understand your thought process of trying to predict pregnancy based on the number of follies I have to remind you that in the grand scheme of things it really doesn't matter. I think 99% of it is just pure luck. I have always had everything going for me and I don't get pregnant. There are lots of other people in blogland who do natural cycles, only have one or two eggs retrived, or have embies that don't look very promising but they still get pregnant. It is just finding the right one, at the right time and nothing you do (no matter how hard you try - trust me I've tried!) will tell you if it will work or not. Hang in there! We are all wishing you the best!

chloe said...

We are almost on the same schedule! I have another ultrasound appointment tomorrow as well!

Boy do I hear you with the no sleep this week. The morning appointments have been kicking my ass - our clinic is only about 30 minutes away with NO traffic which means in the morning traffic it takes me a little over an hour!

Hope your ultrasound tomorrow is bright and clear!