Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Is it Normal to Feel Normal?

I’m on day 5 of Lupron and both yesterday and today I’ve felt fine, really good even. Monday I had a persistent headache, but that isn’t really anything new for me because I get chronic headaches. Tuesday I had a headache also, but I think that was stress-related to my practice IM shot at my clinic. H hit a blood vessel. They say there’s like only a 1 percent chance of hitting a blood vessel. So of course, we got one on the first try. Luckily they didn’t make him try again. Once the headache went away yesterday, I think I could have actually described myself as giddy. Could insanity be a side effect of my shots? I have stopped bruising with each needle, though the original two bruises on my belly are still like two big purple eyeballs looking out at me when I change my clothes. Boy, I do wish I had given Bra-less a good look at those bruises. Make her shudder the way I did whenever I got a glimpse of her too-pointy breasts peaking out through the underarms of her Britney Spears-approved grunge wear. Ugh.

I’m waiting for AF to arrive so I can have my Lupron eval on Saturday. I feel the symptoms, so I’m hoping she won’t disappoint. I think I’ll immediately lose all my feelings of goodwill if things start getting delayed. Guess I better be ready for that, because we all know that delays are the name of the game here. Still, I feel better about my and H’s choice to go through with this and I’m—dare I say it—hopeful that it will eventually pay off with the thing we want most in the world. H is still a little depressed, but I think seeing me in a good mood has helped. He feels really guilty about jabbing me every day, and he was horrified when he hit the blood vessel in my hip. I bit my lip and wasn’t a baby about the pain for his sake. See, this Lupron is totally altering my behavior.


Jamie said...

I actually think most people feel pretty good on their meds. Of course everyone reacts differently and it is easy to find the horror stories but for the most part people react well to them or they would find something else to use. :) Be greatful that you are not a horror story and keep having faith! :)

Motel Manager said...

I felt good on my fresh-cycle meds. I think it also helps that you're finally moving forward after so much finally feel as if you're doing something, you know?

We hit a blood vessel once and it spurted blood like a geyser (and hurt like hell). Otherwise, the shots were not bad, in my opinion.

It's so exciting that your cycle is really starting now! Yay!

Thalia said...

Completely normal to feel normal. The meds have never affected me that much other than the occasional headache. Don't worry I am sure they are doing their job. Here's hoping you have no delays.

Hopeful Mother said...

It is normal to feel normal!

Like Thalia, I felt pretty good throughout too - just an occasional Lupron headache - and once I started stims, the occasional ovarian twinge - I could actually feel them growing!

But nothing so bad that I wouldn't do it again...!