Friday, August 18, 2006

Needles and Stuff

Tomorrow is the big day-- My first Lupron shot! I’m expecting my big box of meds (well, not too big since I didn’t do a complete order) to arrive any time now. I’m taking comfort in the fact that just about everybody out there has said the shots themselves aren’t so bad. I hate needles! If I can get through all the jabbing, I know I will emerge from this process a much more fearless person. Not too many things scare me, but needles have always been high on the list. I’m not good with the sight of blood either. Ah, perhaps this little journey is just what I need to toughen me up. I think I’d rather have stayed a softie and have had my baby by now. I remember that I used to be scared at the thought of delivering a baby. I think that will be a piece of cake now.

Quick question--do any of you do your shots in places other than the tummy? I have much more flab on my upper arms and thighs, while my stomach is pretty unpinchable (don't hate me--I swear I have flabby upper arms). Should I just suck it up and do the belly where it won't be seen, or should I go for a more pinchable arm?

For today, I’m just trying to stay positive. I’ve been eating right all week and haven’t had any wine or coffee. I think the BCPs made me put on a few pounds. Caution: too much information ahead-- I’ve been very bloated, and I’ve had an icky brown discharge the whole time I’ve been on the pill. I asked my doctor if this was normal when I went for my mock transfer last Friday. I kinda got an “eh” answer. Right after I told him about all the goo, and some unusual cramping, he said it was probably just breakthrough bleeding. I said it didn’t look like break-through bleeding. Again, the answer was “eh.” Then he begins the procedure and announces that I have a brown discharge. Well, duh, that’s what I was talking about. He said he saw a cyst on my ovary, but it wasn’t too big. I hope cysts won’t ruin my cycle. I keep reminding them that I have a history of painful, erupting cysts, but no one seems to think it’s a big deal. Maybe it’s not. Can anyone tell me how to go into “eh” mode myself?

I have to say that the mock transfer wasn’t nearly as horrible as it sounds. It was over before I knew it. The whole name “mock transfer” sounds like something out of an X-Files episode. I used to love that show. And now that I think about it, Agent Scully was one of us. She had her eggs stolen by aliens, and when she finally got them back in a vial she did in vitro with Mulder to have a baby. Who knew that infertility had been a subtle subplot of one of my favorite sci-fi shows. I may have to go back and watch old episodes.


Hopeful Mother said...


I'm glad the mock transfer went well. The actual transfer is really the most vital part of the process when you think about it, so you have a huge hurdle out of the way.

I did my sub-q (Lupron) shots in the belly, but I have a good "reserve" there to pinch - perfect for IVF! (yay.)

My stims were all IM shots in the hip/rear. Not super fun, but hubbie did them all so I just had to bear the stick of the needle and the stinging of the meds...

but truly, it's not that bad, and you will get into a routine rather quickly.

luolin said...

I can't help you on the alternative lupron sites-I have plenty of flab on my belly to work with.

Good luck with the shots. I started my Lupron last night. In the past, I've found that my anxiety around doing the injections --doing it at the right time, following the instructions, etc-caused me more anxiety than the injection itself most of the time.

Also, if it does not go smoothly the first time, you have many chances to get it right on subsequent days ;-)

Hope548 said...

I did my FSH shots in my upper thigh. If it's a subcutaneous spot, all you need to do is draw up a little skin. You don't want muscle and you don't need to have fat. The arm might be hard to do by yourself, you might need some help. The top of your upper thigh is an easy spot if you want an alternative. Easy and mostly painless. The subcutaneous shots are very short very fine needles and they don't have to go in very far. Good luck!

Motel Manager said...

I did Lupron in my thighs, Follistim in my belly, and Repronex and PIO in my hips. I did the thigh and belly shots, and my husband did the hip shots (though I did once do a PIO one to myself, and it wasn't impossible).

I managed to hit little blood vessels in my thighs and tummy pretty regularly, but even though I am retarded and managed to do so, I can still say that those shots are not bad at ALL - I sometimes couldn't even feel them.

The PIO were the only bad ones, and icing the area for 10 minutes worked wonders for me. Also, walk around after you have the shot.

Exciting that it's all starting!!!