Monday, August 21, 2006

Hmm..Need a Humor Column Topic

Gene Weingarten (Washington Post)replies: How about Infertility!

A week later, the Post publishes: Pregnant With Humor

Dear Mr. Weingarten,

So you think infertility could stand to have some humor, huh? Well, you're right, maybe it could. And seeing your idiotic column did make me laugh, but not with you. I was appalled at your comic little bit about calling an RE from GWU and wasting his time with your numbskull idea. This doctor has no time for your tomfoolery, and neither do his patients! For shame, Mr. Weingarten, for shame.

Your column does reinforce a fact I'm learning to be true--buffoons are more likely to be fertile than not. I'm proud of you for your self realization. Now give me something I can really laugh about, gosh darnit! Especially if that Israel study has even a 1% chance of truth to it. I'm so desperate right now for medical studies that might improve my chances that I salivated when I saw your opening paragraph about said study. Do not lead me on like that again!

An Infertile Hopped Up On Lupron


Meg said...

Emmie - What an absolute IDIOT. Seriously, can I just hop on a plane for 30 hours and find him and shove his stupid infantile jokes up his arse?

Alli said...

How I love the word "tomfoolery." I am going to start using it on a daily basis and see if my husband notices. LOL.

That article is crazy.

NikkiNix said...

i caaaan't believe you encouraged me to read that nonsense - what a freakin' moron!!

Grooannnn! He shout be stoned & egged!

Jamie said...

That article is nuts but I am sure that guy is totally fertile. Figures huh?