Sunday, August 27, 2006

All Clear

I had my ultrasound and bloodwork done bright and early yesterday for my Lupron evaluation. I was totally expecting at least one cyst or more, but I'm happy to report that the coast is clear. Not a cyst in sight.

I should have been in a good mood about this, but I was very cranky all morning. I think waking up on a Saturday morning at 6 am to get my first shot of the day and then being poked and prodded an hour later by two nurses who were way too cheery was more than I could handle on 6 hours of sleep. So, with H still being in his perpetual funk, it wasn't a good start to an otherwise beautiful day. By the time my sister and brother-in-law arrived at our house, we had calmed down, and the rest of the day was overall good. My sister is definitely not pregnant yet, so there was no awkwardness. Thanks to everyone for your comments about that. I'm glad to know I'm not alone or a complete jerk!

Last night I had my first Gonal-F/Menopur shot. Ooooouch! We went for the back of my upper arm to keep my stomach area available for Lupron, and that was a bad idea. My upper arm is way more sensitive than my stomach, and the medicine burned a lot more than the Lupron. Who would have thought. So we did both shots in my stomach this morning and that was better. Other than some hot flashes and an occassional headache, I'm feeling okay.

I really appreciate all the comments people have been submitting. Thank you!! I enjoy and look forward to reading everyone's blogs each day, and the sense of community has definitely helped me handle this situation better. I'm really glad we have this network.

Okay, I'm off to get some very neglected work done. I think one of the worst side effects of IF overall for me is a total lack of motivation and poor concentration. I can't seem to get much of anything done that isn't treatment related.


Sunny said...

Yeah to being clear and hitting the road hard with those shots!!!

Motel Manager said...

Nice work on being all clear! I hope that the shots go better and that you get rid of the hot flashes and headaches!

Heather said...

I'm glad it was clear and that everything wasn't awkward with your sister.

I love this network too - so many amazing women.

GLouise said...

Oww- just thinking abt doing those stim shots in the arm makes me cringe.

"Stick" with the stomach :-)

Take care!