Friday, August 18, 2006

The Race Between Fertile and Infertile Begins

Did I tell you all that my little sister has announced that she and her husband are trying? I’m happy for her, but come on, we all know my real thought is—she better not get pregnant before me! I’d like to think I’d be strong about it if she does, but I think it would just induce another meltdown. (I’m doing a lot better after the last one, but I think seeing the box of needles might bring on another one. Taking deep breaths.) My sister has always been panicked big time about morning sickness and such, but I think my little IVF adventure has convinced her to start trying earlier than she would have normally. I just asked her to please not share any good news with me while I am going through this current cycle, especially since I will be going away with her to Orlando during my 2ww. Between the hormones and the babies riding Dumbo in the Magic Kingdom, I told her I can’t promise I wouldn’t kill her on the spot. It would be IVF-induced insanity of course. I’d probably get off with a little community service. But I don’t want to kill anyone. My sister is one of the few people I feel comfortable taking to about all this, because she gets it enough to be sympathetic and not say stupid things. I’m not sure how much I’ll want to talk to her once she’s pregnant though, even though I know she’ll be sensitive about it.

By the way, thanks for all the encouragement from those of you who responded after my meltdown. I really am doing better. Today. At this moment. Can't promise about later. I do agree that staying positive is important, and I greatly appreciate the reminders to do so.


GLouise said...

I know what you mean about siblings getting pregnant before us!

Thankfully my little sis is not thinking about that yet. I know that if my husband's bro and sis-in law have an "oops" pregnancy before we conceive, I will really want to gouge someone's eyes out! LOL. Isn't that awful?!

aah0424 said...

I came across your blog via Stir-up Queens and wanted to say hello. Reading your profile and your write-up under your header sounded so familiar. I've been compared to Charlotte, my husband is 28 and I'm 29, we've been a couple forever (end of high-school, beginning of college), we're most likely MF, and the boat thing-well my husband had some strange idea in his head that once he got a boat we'd get pregnant (well guess what that hasn't been the case).

I'll be checking back in and wish you all the best!

Hopeful Mother said...

Oh, I hear ya, girlfriend!

My brother and sister-in-law have a 2 1/2 year old daughter, and we started trying about 6 months after she was born. I would/will be completely crushed if they announce their next pregnancy before we announce our first... and they don't really know we're trying... or about the IVF.

Motel Manager said...

I don't have a sister, and my brother is way single, but even just imagining this scenario made me anxious. I have a very, very close friend who's about to start trying, and I just know that she is going to get pregnant immediately...and if she were my sister, I'm sure my anxiety would be exponentially worse. While I hope your sister doesn't have to go through the pain you are having to endure, it still must be rough to know she's kicking off the process, and you'll be wondering if she is or isn't pregnant when you see her next.

It sounds as if she is sympathetic, though, which is great. Also, I hope your IVF cycle works, and then maybe you can experience pregnancy together!

Sunny said...

It just all sucks! My brother and his wife told me that they were pregnant and I thought I would die. I am the oldest and wanted to have the first grandbaby. So selfish but MAN we have tried for forever.

My plan is to just ignore it. I wonder how long you can put off not meeting a newborn. HA!