Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Still on the Road

Thanks to those of you who chimed in with your personal adoption stories. I'm very interested in following some adoption blogs, so I hope my new friend in the UK will start his soon! NikkiNix, your best friend sounds like a very cool girl. I can tell everyone in her life is blessed to have her around thanks to adoption. It's nice to hear some positive stories. In answer to the question about whether I know any kids estranged from their biological parents--no, I don't. Not that I think it doesn't happen, I just don't personally know of any. I think everybody's parents drive them crazy on days, biological or not, and I agree that it's all in how you handle the situation with your child. I really liked the point that asking for the secret to a successful adoption is like asking for the secret to a sucessful marriage. I'm feeling a bit more positive about adoption today.

Still, I want to see through my journey to have a biological baby first before I move on. H and I agreed that if IVF doesn't work, we will allow ourselves as much time as we need to be alone and heal before considering adoption. I think I may need a few years before I am ready. I think it would be perfectly fine to start the process when I am in my mid-thirties. Afterall, I will be more financially stable then and more mature to handle putting the feelings of the adopted child before my own. Right now, honestly, I still think of myself as not quite a grown up, even though I make mature, rational decisions. I am mature when it comes to my marriage and my career, but I have not matured as a potential mother yet. I am whiny and irritable and tend to put my feelings first right now. I'm not ready for adoption.

In other news, my nurse gave me a mild heart attack today. I called to check in with her today just because I'm anal and wanted to touch base, and she tells me that she's still waiting on my insurance authorization before she can order my meds, which I need to start taking next week. What the ?#$%!! I have a signed letter from my insurance company saying I DO NOT NEED authorization from them to proceed, plus I had it confirmed by the center's TWO financial coordinators. Nurse Bi-atch simply tells me that unauthorized is what her computer screen reads and until it reads otherwise, she can't do anything. She then tells me to call my coordinator again. Um, hello, you'd think she could do that seeing as she was there in person when the coordinator walked into our appointment to tell us the good news that we did not need authorization. But noooo, I have to call myslef, from the middle of a business trip, with a cell phone that keeps crapping out. Thanks, babe. I see you've got my back.

After leaving 2 panicked messages to my financial coordinator, she calls me back to tell me that there is absolutely no reason I need to wait for authorization and Nurse Bi-atch misread her computer sceen or something. I asked 50 billion times if there was anything I needed to do, and Kind Coordinator said no, she would call Nurse Bi-atch and straighten her, I mean the computer screen, out. Okay, fine. You'd think Nurse Bi-atch would call me back later today to tell me eveything was now okay and when to expect my meds, but she didn't. I'm calling her tomorrow on my way to the airport. Doesn't she understand that I am a bit panicked about my cycle not starting if I don't get my meds in time??? I'm going to be out of town most of next week and therefore have few days I can accept delivery. At least Nurse Bi-atch told me that my CF screen came back okay.

You know, most of my gripes about my center have really been connected to Nurse Bi-atch. I really like everybody else. I wonder if I should see if I can switch nurses, or if that would just be more stressful. I don't like confrontation. She's okay, I guess, but I need someone who is more than just okay when everyone else involved in this process so far has been wonderful. I'm sure she is just doing the best she can and that she is tired of dealing with hyper, type A personalities like me, but I'd appreciate a little compassion and attention to detail on her part. I mean, why the hell didn't she call me when the authorizaion snafu first came to her attention?!?!? From the way it sounded, she's known about this for over a week. And seeing as it was a mistake, what if she didn't tell me about it so that I could get it corrected in time?

Good night all...I'm taking deep, healing breathes and letting this go for now.


Motel Manager said...

That interaction with your nurse sounds so frustrating. I really think that all RE nurses need to be especially can-do, you know? They're dealing with something very major in their patients' lives, and the patients are fragile. She sounds as if she ought to work in customer service for a telecommunications company. :)

GLouise said...

Hi there! Sorry about your drug situation. Something similar happened to me on my first ivf attempt.

Most people (me included) *do* have to get their doctor's office to fax a prior authorization something to their drug coverage plan (mine is medco), so that you can get the coverage on the meds.

Even if your regular healthcare has OKd the IVF procedure, the drug side of the company also needs to get a doctor's fax about that class of medicine.

Most meds that need this PA are: lupron, bravelle, menopur, etc.

Once the drug insurance people get this fax, there's no delay, and you can pay the reduce insurance rate.

I have also learned the hard way, to call my drug co to make sure the PA has gone thru before going to the pharmacy or ordering meds.

I also learned the hard way that there is a person at my RE who only handles Prior Authorizations... it wasn't my primary nurse for some reason.

Does that help? Good luck!

Hope548 said...

Emmie, you need to go into this feeling as comfortable as possible. I don't think there's anything wrong with trying to switch nurses. Listen to your guy!

NikkiNix said...

Oh for goodness sakes, change nurses! This is a life changing experience that YOU are paying for. You are willingly putting YOUR HEALTH in this clinic's hands, you certainly have a right to ask for a nurse switch. Just claim "anxiety" and stuff, and get it done alreay... mistake my ARSE! I'd tell that Bee-itch that accident and mistakes are not acceptable in this type of treatment especially when it affects TIME SENSITIVE drugs !!

Ohh I'm so pissy about this for you ;) Okay now I am taking deep breaths. Jeez man!

luolin said...

Argh. IVF snafus. The whole process taught me that 1. I have no control over most of it (mainly, whether I get pregnant in the end) but 2. I have to double check every single thing. Very lesson-for-life -ish and philosophical, ha. I'll skip the specific examples (too many!) so as not to hijack your comments.

Jamie said...

Waiting for meds and dealing with nurses who don't seem to have a clue just seems to come with this process. Those are the two things (besides driving) that have stressed me out the most when I cycle. I just can't understand why they don't get it -- they deal with infertile women everyday and I am sure that has to get annoying, but at the same time they need to have a bit of empathy. Unfortunately, you are not alone in this type of battle. You have the right idea though -- just take a deep breath and let it go. :)

deanna said...

Your Nurse Bi'Atch and my Nurse Bi'Atch simple MUST be related....or maybe clones...Isn't it a DRAG to have such a horrible person be your only gateway to the RE?

Really hoping you get your meds in time! Good luck!!!