Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Meds Ordered

So, being an IVF patient without prescription coverage is probably more expensive than being a drug addict, don't you think? I was just reading about someone with a drug problem that accidentally got pregnant. Oh, that type of stuff burns me. It always has, but of course now it really sears, which I know you all understand.

Thanks for all the med advice. I ended up ordering from Freedom Fertility, because they are recommended by my office and offer the third round of IVF drugs for free when you are paying out of pocket. Not that I'm hoping to need 3 rounds. They also are one of the cheapest places and offer free overnight shipping. So what we did was order just what we needed until right after my monitoring starts. That way we can reorder a little more based on what I need. Evidently I will be monitored very closely and my meds will be adjusted each day.

NikkiNix, thank you so much for the generous offer to help me get some meds from Canada. H's first suggestion actually was--road trip to Canada! I think our incremental ordering will make our payments manageable for now, though, and I'm grateful I have a lot of good suggestions from you ladies for if/when I need to order for a second cycle. I am open to buying unused meds from those who don't need them, but I need to make sure they are exactly the type I'm using. I got one generous offer to buy some leftover Gonal F, but it is for the Gonal F pen and H doesn't want to use the pen. He didn't like it at our training class. It probably doesn't make a difference, but why push the issue? I'm already making him do too many things he doesn't want to do. ;)

I think it's retarded that my insurance covers IVF but then doesn't offer a prescription program that covers the meds. If need be we will take out a home equity loan, plus a few family members have offered a little help so we can avoid finance charges until we have the money saved up. Infertility really hits you where it hurts, doesn't it? The heart and the wallet. Now I have to give up all my pity-me shopping after my uncomfortable doctor appointments.


Jamie said...

I think you will like Freedom. I ended up over ordering on Meds this time because I was afraid of running out. The only thing you need to be careful of with them is weekends because if you order on a Sunday they can't ship until Monday so you would not get it until Tuesday (that is quite the sentence). Needless to say you need to plan ahead a bit just to stay on top of things. :) In my experience you definitely have to be your own advocate as far as having what you need drugs wise is concerned!

Emmie said...

Thanks--that's a really good point about Sunday ordering. I'll definitely be careful. Really, I don't see much point in spreading the ordering out. It's going to impact us financially either way. H just doesn't want any leftovers. So optimistic he is! I'm thinking we'd just use them for the next cycle.