Friday, November 17, 2006

Shout Out to Fellow Bloggers

Recently a few of my good blog friends have pulled down their blogs and identities; I'm sure for good reason. I don't get to say hi to them directly as a result though, so this e-mail is a "Hi" to those of you still reading but not posting on your own these days. Special congrats to Lisa, who is 8.5 weeks pregnant!!! I am so very, very happy for you! Thanks for your comments--they mean so much. I'm bad about checking the e-mail account associated with this blog, but I'll try to check it if you want to drop me a line directly and then I can give you my more active address.

The support I've gained through this network of amazing people is truly a blessing. I am so lucky to be able to share celebrations, worries, and just random rantings with a group of people who really get it. This blog has helped me stay sane, and I know it's responsible for a lot of the strength I've managed to pull together over the past few months.

I'm really tired these days. I hope that's entirely because of the two little lifes growing inside of me and not something more. This year has had so many extreme highs and lows that I'm not sure how much more I can handle. I'm just praying for a quiet holiday season that will bring everybody some peace, if not just for a little while.

Hope you all have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hi Emmie - It's Lisa. My Gosh, thank you for the congrats and kind words. Would love to dialogue in more of a 'live' fashion sometime so I'm about to drop you an email via your blog address.
I would envision your fatigue is directly related to the two little ones inside you. My husband and I attended an Early Pregnancy class last night and when the proctor turned down the lights and showed a film, a bunch of us started dozing off, husbands included! (Must be the sympathy fatigue:-)) These days if I don't get 9-10 hours sleep a night I'm exhausted (compared with the usual 7-7.5hrs pre-pregnancy!).
Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with love, warmth, and peace. You deserve it. Take care. ~L

Anonymous said...

Well, you certainly have reason to be tired! Growing a person (or two, lol) is hard work!

Hope you get to rest up!

luolin said...

I'm only just getting to the point where I don't sleep all day.

I hope you are able to have some peace over the weekend, and that you get good news when you talk to your ob on Monday, or whenever you talk to a specialist.