Thursday, November 02, 2006

Odds and Ends

So at Monday’s appointment, the peri doctor noted that my placenta was very low right now, but it would probably resolve itself. However, he said he wouldn’t be surprised if I saw some light bleeding. Yikes. Bleeding would terrify me even if it was normal. After my pap smear on Tuesday, my OB told me to expect some spotting, and I had like one, faint brown spot that didn’t even look like blood, so I was fine. Now I’m wondering what might set off bleeding, and of course s.e.x. comes to mind. Poor H, I’m already not in the mood much if ever, and if action is going to cause bleeding I want even less to do with it. H understands, but I do feel bad. I have had zero desire ever since transfer. Anybody else going through this? It hasn’t been a complete dry spell, but it really takes some doing to get me to participate.

My peri said I should enjoy my physical state as much as possible right now because as I get bigger I probably will be pretty limited. Both he and the OB predict bed rest in my future because I’m small. I’m trying to do normal things, but between feeling extremely tired, bad indigestion, and strong food aversions, it’s hard to enjoy a nice dinner with H or any after activity. I feel good overall and am not complaining, but I definitely feel like “enjoying the old me” ended with my last glass of wine over a heavy meal the night before my first Lupr*n shot. I imagine old me might not return for a year or two.

My belly is definitely starting to stick out some, and depending on the clothes I wear you can tell. I’ve been hiding it from the outside world, but at home I like to flaunt it for H. He’s been appropriately impressed. Bye-bye flat tummy! I can’t even suck it in a little, and my ribs are disappearing. Hooray! My flat stomach was my pride and joy for a long time, and two years ago when H and I took a trip to Bermuda I had him take a bunch of bikini pictures of me to bid it fond farewell. I do not expect to see it again, and that’s just fine with me. Even though I plan to work out hard after the babies are born in order to return to my normal clothes (or a size up…), I can’t imagine my tummy will over look that way again after twins. I will wear my pooch with pride.


Michelle said...

Hi Emmie - Thanks for your comments on my blog! I was happy to find your blog - another MFI/IVF experience - and especially happy to see how it turned out for you!

Your last two posts remind me that getting pregnant is just the beginning - and generates a whole new set of concerns and obsessions. I will be thinking of you: no scary spotting and a clean mammogram. Try not to be freaked out - it's good that the docs are cautious and always check these things out, but so anxiety provoking. (A good friend just had to have a lump checked out - at 37 weeks. Ugh. Fortunately, she was fine, and I'm sure you will be, too.)

Heather said...

Hope you start feeling like your old self soon!

I'm sure it must be hard to be pregnant. Complain away if you need to. That is a lot of hard work to create a life.

Melissa said...

Awww..You go girl. Be proud of your baby belly! Ugh...How stinkin' excited you must be! :)