Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Quick Update

Warning--TMI ahead

I continued to ooze a light brown cm all afternoon yesterday, though it was really only visible when I wiped. It was lighter than the darker brown I had first thing in the morning. The OB checked my cervix and said it was fine, then did a vaginal exam with a speculum and said--"oh, yeah, I see some brown mucous and it's nothing to be worried about." I asked her what it was from and she said it was just one of those things. Not the best answer, but she kept reassuring me it was fine. I asked her if it might develop into something and she said no. (I read plenty about brown spots being the first sign of a problem for some people on the blogs). She told me only to worry if it was bright red. She didn't even think the darker brown stuff I had initially was old blood--just the mucous. She said my cervix was in good shape, and then she did a quick scan to see the twins. They were both there, but she was real quick about it so I didn't see much. She said both heartbeats were strong. I was relieved, but wished the scan had been a little longer. It doesn't matter though, since I see the peri tomorrow first thing for an in-depth scan.

This morning I got to work and again ran to the bathroom. This time, there was real light caramel-colored goo all on my liner. At least it's getting lighter, I guess, and kinda going back to the consistency of the white sticky stuff I've had all along. Way more than you needed to know--sorry. I find writing everything down here is good for my own records of what's happening with my body.

So, on to the pink breast issue. Now my other breast is equally pink in the same location as the right one, and the doctor didn't seemed concerned at all. She said it's a good sign that the other breast is doing the same thing. (This was a different OB than the one who sent me to the breast center). The pinkness seems to line up perfectly with where my bras have been iritating me (even the new ones aren't a perfect fit), so she thinks my skin is just sensitive. I told her about my cousin and she didn't really comment. She said alot of people are getting scared by the rash-form of breast cancer, but it's extremely rare. We'll know the results of my cousin's biopsy tomorrow (poor thing--right before Thanksgiving. I'm praying it's good news so there will be truly something to be thankful for). If it's positive for cancer, I'll push harder for a more thorough exam next time. I felt like this one was overall a little rushed, even though she did listen to all my concerns and answer all my questions. Overall, it was a good appointment though. She told me to try to relax because everything looks good, and she said she understood that relaxing is difficult after what it took to get pregnant.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. I'm still praying double that everything continues to work out. H was worried sick too, but he reminded me that this worry will never go away, even once the twins are born. We'll always be worried about them, and I know that's true.


Anonymous said...

I really appreciate the TMI posts that people blog about. Cause hopefully some day I will be pregnant, and then if something like this happens to me I will know someone else that this happened to and everything turned out ok. I'm sure someone is googling somewhere and letting out a big sigh of relief when they read this. Better than all that scary crap out there! So, thanks in advance!!

I'm thinking about your cousin. Golly, it is just so scary. I'm hopeing for the best.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Heather -- we need people like you out there who will give us the TMI report. That way when we are in the midst of something similar and google for it we can find your story and learn from it! :)

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I helps to know that you and H are thinking about me. It is strange how so many people who I have never met mean so much to me these days.

I am so glad that the appointment with the OB went well and she calmed your fears at least a bit. I am sure the spotting is VERY scary. At least you are a smart woman and are being an advocate for your own health. I know this is probably crappy "assvice" but try to stay as stress free as possible and don't go run any marathons or anything until the spotting decides to stop. I am thinking about you -- and the twins. :) Let us know how it goes with the peri and what your cousin finds out.

I am hopeful that you will continue to have MANY things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Hi Emmie - It's Lisa. I'm glad to hear things are okay on all fronts. I've had you in my prayers and same goes for your cousin. I hope the news is fine also. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and take care.