Friday, October 20, 2006

Lots of Stuff

I had some particular posts in the works, but they disappeared so this is going to be about whole lot of random things going on right now.

I shopped around for a new Ob/Gyn and found a practice that looks very appealing located in the same medical complex that I currently go to. They only have five doctors, all women, and they only serve one location--unlike the place I'm leaving, which has 10 doctors and 4 locations. I figured right there it would narrow the number of doctors I see. I called them up, and the receptionist was super nice. One of their specialities is high risk pregnancy, so it looks good so far. The receptionist was able to schedule me an appointment for less than 2 weeks. The new receptionist also congratulated me on the pregnancy. The receptionist from my old office never thought to make that small gesture. She just sounded annoyed that I was requesting a particular doctor. So anyway, my first appointment with the new place is on Halloween. I'm going to cancel the other one.

My sister is now in the full throes of morning sickness, while I am still only sorta queasy each afternoon. The tiredness is really hitting me though. My sister has her 6 week ultrasound today, so I'm eager to hear how it goes. I saw the baby's heartbeats at 6 weeks, and from what I've read that's a little early. I'm curious as to what she will see. I'm still annoyed that she's telling people before I feel I can even share my news, though. My mom told me last night that my sister gave her the go ahead to tell extended family on Nov. 15, which just so happens to be the week I enter my third trimester and would be ready to tell those same people myself. What the hell. Why can't she wait for her first trimester to start, just two weeks later? I sense some cattiness coming to my blog soon. ;) I guess our pregnancies are just going to be treated as exactly mom was going on last night about how she predicts my sister will deliver early because she always delivered early, and therefore she will probably end up having the baby on what is projected to be my due date. Whatever. This is just so typical--my sister always has to have or do things immediately after I do. It frustrates me sometimes because while I have to work hard for all these milestones, they seem to naturally fall in her lap.

Would you believe my mom started bragging to me last night about how it only took my sister 3 months to get pregnant? I calmly told her that I didn't need that rubbed in my face after what I'd been through. Her response--well you were fast too; it only took you one treatment! So then I reminded her that if I had been like my sister, I would have already celebrated my baby's first birthday by now. Ugh--this shouldn't have to feel like a competition. I don't know why I'm starting to let it get to me so much. Oh wait--I know why--it's because my mom won't stop talking about my sister! Everything I say now is followed by--well your sister is doing this. Ugh.

Despite the venting, I'm doing really well and am so happy right now. Still worried and cautious, but very happy. H and I have a very nice weekend planned so that we can spend some quality time together without stressing about stuff. I think it will be very good!

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luolin said...

Isn't it likely that you'll deliver early as well, with twins? Not that it should be a competition ;-)