Saturday, April 28, 2007

Open Sesame?

I had a really good day yesterday. My body felt the best it had in two weeks. H was home by lunchtime with me so we could go to my OB appointment. I was excited to see what kind of progress I was making, because I had been feeling so lousy lately.

Last week, the OB I saw had said the outer portion of my cervix was just the teeniest bit open, while the inside remained tightly shut. She said she had expected me to be more open by this point. Last week, I felt this lock down was good news, but seeing as I'm now almost 36 weeks, I was now hoping to hear that the cervix might be starting to open a bit. I mean, I had a really bad week. Surely something must have been going on, even if there were no real contractions?

I also decided walking into this appointment that I was going to be a little more assertive about wanting to schedule a C-section rather than waiting to have one sprung on me at the last minute. Well, the OB I saw yesterday was the one I've seen the most, and she has been very pro-vaginal delivery with me since day one. So when I started to explain my reasons for why I'd at least like to have a section scheduled for my 37th week in case I haven't gone into labor by then, she had a counter-argument for every point I made.

That is, until she examined me. My cervix is still closed super tight. She said given my overstretched uterus and the fact that Baby B is breech again, putting me in the books for a C-section at 37 weeks probably is a good idea. The fact that I show no sign of opening up despite how far Baby A is crammed into my pelvis tells her that vaginal labor might just not work for me. The uterus itself may already be too stretched to contract properly. So, Monday I will find out when they have scheduled me. If I go into labor before then or if my cervix changes, we can always still try the vaginal delivery. I felt really good knowing that I'll at least have an end date in sight.

The OB said the babies are huge and I definitely won't be having premature babies at this point. So, I'm very grateful that the boys probably won't spend time in the NICU, so long as there are no other unforeseen complications. My cervix has done its job--it can stop being an over-achiever now. Knowing how big and strong the babies are, and how worn out my body is, I'd love for them to just come on out now. I'm ready to meet them face to face at last.

After feeling so physically good yesterday, I feel lousy again today. Oh well. I'm hoping they schedule me for sooner than later during my 37th week.


Sunny said...

I am so excited! VERY SOON!

Melissa said...

Wow! It seems (to me at least...definately not you!) like just yesterday we found out you were pregnant!

How exciting that it's all so close!

Keep your chin up sweetie! Here's hoping you get the EARLIEST possible c-section! :)

Jennifer said...

I hope you get your C section. Your situation sounds a lot like mine (except you are three weeks ahead). My cervix is long and closed and the babies are just fine signs of coming out! And they are about 5 pounds each! At 33 weeks! I don't want to get them out too soon to be safe but it is gettting VERY uncomfortable to be me, as I am sure you understand. I meet a woman last night who went 42 weeks (!) with twins!! That is a horror story! I haven't even heard of a singleton going 42 weeks.

Keep the posts coming....this could be an exciting week for you!!

Bella said...

I keep having every-other days, one full of discomfort and contractions, and the next, easy breezy. I do feel consistent increasing pelvic pressure (A planning an exit strategy?). The end is so near!

The Town Criers said...

Yay! Only another week or so! Sending you lots of good luck for the delivery. May it be easy and happy.

Jacquie said...

How cool! I can't beleive I have been following your story this long now that your babies are almost here.

Motel Manager said...

Wow, so soon! That's great! Let us know what they say about scheduling.

Also, your nursery makes my nursery look so ghetto. Yours looks awesome!