Tuesday, April 24, 2007

35 Weeks!

If I could move, I'd do a happy dance!

I seem to alternate between having pretty good and really bad days lately. I can handle that. Today so far seems pretty good. The discomforts are always there, but some days they are just more intense than others.

I've had a bag sorta packed for the hospital ever since I started getting bad braxton-hicks contractions, but now I feel like I really need to prepare it. I find it funny that books I'm reading recommend bringing some make-up with you. My routine for the past few weeks has consisted of nothing but hemorrhoid creme, shea butter lotion, and colorless lip balm. And to think I never used to let people see me without a full face of makeup. Anyone who shows up to the hospital after my delivery is going to be in for a big surprise!

I've officialy hit the 50 lb weight gain mark. I still feel that it's mostly all in my belly. I'm a little scared to think about what my belly is going to look like after delivery, especially after watching that sextuplet special on TLC. I've never been a big believer in plastic surgery, but if my belly looks anywhere near as bad as hers did then I'd have to rethink my position. I know your belly won't go back to the way it was, and I can deal with having a small pooch forevermore, but I don't think I could face all those wrinkled folds of drooping flesh. Any twin moms out there want to share their belly experiences post delivery?

Overall I'm getting really excited about meeting these babies. I'm still scared, especially about the pains of delivery and my ability to care for two infants at once, but I figure I'll get through it if I've been able to handle being out of commission for two months now. I'm a very active person by nature, so I'm sure being able to move around again, especially to tend to these very-wanted babies, will feel amazing.


Jena said...

I'll share my best friend's twin belly experience... :) I've seen her belly and honestly, it's not that scary looking. NOTHING like a sextuplet baby belly!! No need for plastic surgery at all. No "drooping flesh". Yes, it has some pooch to it, and there are a lot of stretch marks, but those have started fading quite a bit (her girls will turn 1 in mid-June) She gained about 60lbs total and carried them to 36w 4days.

I've tried to start packing my hospital bag. I can't pack clothes for me ahead of time because I don't have that many maternity clothes, so I can't have an outfit out of circulation... so for now my bag contains: chapstick, a headband, and a little back massager. Umm... guess I need to put some more thought into that.

Emma B. said...

My twin girls were born at 35w6d, and I gained about 60 lbs during the pregnancy. They are now nearly eight months old, and while my waist is a bit thicker than formerly, I don't really even have a pooch. I'm optimistic that it will be relatively close to flat once I lose another 15 lbs or so. (I'm 12 lbs under pre-pregnancy weight now, thanks to the miracle of breastfeeding twins, but since I gained 25 during infertility, I'm still in the red.)

You might want that makeup after the babies were born. Once I could get up and move around after delivery (I had a C-section), I felt so wonderful -- I could take deep breaths, and stand up straight, and my hips and lower back didn't hurt any more. I had some makeup and a nice nightgown in my bag, and it made me feel much prettier and less elephantine. It's also good to look nice for homecoming day -- remember, there will probably be pictures.

You asked in a previous post about how you'll feel postpartum. Within a week, I felt like a completely different person, and it was absolutely amazing. You'll get the mobility back very quickly, trust me. You also won't realize how miserable you really were until then !

Sunny said...

I am so excited for you! WOW!