Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My State of Three Beings

Today is 33 weeks--yippee! I keep coaching the babies and my uterus, asking for one more week after another. I have to admit though, now that I'm in a lot of pain it's hard to be as much of a motivational speaker.

The following is for my ongoing symptom documentation--not a ploy for gaining sympathy. Knowing that I'm nearing the end of this pregnancy makes me sad, because I know I might not ever experience it again.

I started feeling pretty bad last Thursday. I think up until then I had merely been inconvenienced by my lack of mobility and my excessive fatigue, but it was nothing that actually physically hurt me. I mean, if I couldn't stand or walk for more than a few moments, I'd sit or lay down. I'd enjoy feeling the babies move while I read a book or settled in for a nap. And I'd be fine. I didn't mind getting up a million times a night to stretch and pee, because I could still get up fairly easily and then fall back asleep. Now, however, I'm starting to feel the true discomforts of a twin pregnancy. Sitting, standing, and laying down all hurt now, quite a bit. I dream of being immersed in a pool, but it's still too cold and what would I wear?

When I sit, my gigantic belly presses hard into my thighs and sticks to them, cutting off circulation and causing an itchy little heat rash. I find I've started sitting with my legs spread a la Sh.aron Ston.e style more and more often, and my belly actually rests itself on the seat. When my MIL commented this weekend that she didn't think I was carrying low, I had to laugh. How much lower could I possibly go? All the nurses and doctors comment on how low I'm carrying every time I see them. Baby A's head is rammed into my pelvis. The upside to it is that I've never had heartburn. And from what I hear, that's a pretty big positive!

My belly skin burns like you would not believe. Now the skin on my back has been itching me like crazy all week. H has examined it and said there's no rash. My theory--I think it is now being stretched to accommodate my belly's need to continue to grow. My hips had started to itch the same way when the skin there started to stretch. Can't blame my body for being resourceful.

My knee and ankle joints ache whenever I stand up, and standing up takes quite a bit of effort. I no longer waddle; I shuffle across the room barely lifting my feet. When I lay down in bed, I feel like I am weighted down by the belly. Rolling over takes extreme effort and leaves me out of breathe. I can only stay on one side for an hour max, sometimes less. Getting the energy to get up to go to the bathroom takes about ten minutes of me panting before I can heave myself up out of bed. All the discomfort has made me a less than pleasant person to be around.

Okay, now I am depressing myself. I will make it 4 more weeks! The babies, the uterus, and I can do this! I feel the babies hicupping all the time now, and it is a lovely feeling. It balances out at least half of the pain.


Jane said...

Man, do I remember that pain. (And yes, you're VERY lucky you've dodged heartburn!) One of the true delights of life after delivering twins is being able to sleep comfortably again. (During the little time that you actually sleep!)

Hang in there. You WILL make it 4 more weeks!! (And hopefully, for your sake, not a day more!)

luolin said...

I'm sorry everything hurts!

Reading the first part of your post, I kept thinking of birthing tubs (don't listen to me, twins--no birth for you yet!). Do you still fit in your bathtub? Do baths help at all?

Motel Manager said...

You are lucky for avoiding heartburn and reflux, but everything else does sound very uncomfortable!

You have done great so far, and I bet you'll keep those little fellows in there for four more weeks. I hope you can take some measures in the meantime to lessen the discomfort!

Hopeful Mother said...

You can do it for 4 more weeks!! Go Emmie!

Hoping you can find some relief/comfort in the meantime...

Jena said...

Oiy! Heartburn has been my constant companion for about 7 months now! But the rest of your symptoms do sound horribly uncomfortable. My best friend had twins last summer. I know she spent the last few months sleeping in a recliner because she couldnt' get comfortable in bed, no matter how she tried to prop her belly.

Try some lotion on that itchy skin, it should help it some.

Jamie said...

Oh! I'm so sorry. I can't even imagine what this must be like. All of the emotional stuff from IVF and now physical pain -- luckily you are going to win in the end! With two healthy little boys. Hang in there.

I wish I had some advice but I have no idea. I just know if it were me I'd be going totally crazy at this point!! You are a strong, brave woman!!

seattlegal said...

4 more weeks!

Not having heartburn is a big plus - I'm glad you don't have that discomfort along with all the other ones! Good luck these last few weeks!

I understand each and everyone one of those discomforts you mentioned - I'm getting there too! I've thought about a recliner like jena mentions.

Marie-Baguette said...

LOL! I loved your post. I am sorry things are getting difficult but you are nearly there! Take good care of yourself

Isabel said...

Good for you! Go, you! Cheering for you... Keep up the good work and good luck!

Suzanne said...

If you start having the itching anywhere else, mention it to your doctor. When my friend was pregnant with her twins she started having incredible itchiness and it turned out she had a liver issue called cholestasis and had to be induced at 35 weeks.

hope548 said...

That sounds like a lot to deal with, but I know you wouldn't trade it! I admire you for hanging in there and wanting what's best for the babies! Take care!