Friday, April 27, 2007


Since I sense the end is near, I wanted to let everyone know that Jamie over at Sticky Feet will have the first news of the twin's arrival when it happens. So, when you see I haven't posted in a few days, you might find she has the (hopefully good) news. Thank you, Jamie!

I do intend to keep posting regularly after the boys are born; I just don't know how soon I'll be at my computer right afterwards. It always makes me sad when I follow someone's journey from diagnosis to pregnancy to birth and then they disappear forever, so I'm going to do my best to keep up as always. Besides, who else will I be able to tell my nightmare MIL stories and TMI reports to?

Speaking of TMI...does my colon know something I don't? My goodness--I have had so many bowel movements the past two days I could cry. Wait... I have cried. The hemorrhoids, which had been getting better, just can't handle this mass evacuation. I swear, I go immediately after I eat anything! I've been regular this whole pregnancy, and I'm not eating that much these days (no room), so I have no idea where all this sh** is coming from. Oh, my poor rear. I'd be posting a lot more if it weren't for the fact that sitting is so painful, and I need to use my time wisely to work. My boss still wants me to try to work for as long as possible next week, but I really feel like Monday should be my last day. We'll see what the doctor says today. Even though I'm working from home, not being able to sit is a real problem.

On to more pleasant things...I had a commentor ask about my nursery decor, so here's some pictures of it in the early stages.

We now have our glider/recliner in from La.Z.Boy and H has put in a cute white ceiling fan/light so that the baby death trap halogen lamp has been moved back to the living room where it belongs. We still have to hang things on the walls...that's been a big point of debate because both sets of our parents gave us personalized wall hangings with the babies' *possible* names despite the fact that we told them over and over not to give us anything personalized until the babies were here and officially named. Wwhile we are 99% sure these are the names we will use, we were both still upset they did this because we felt like they were jinxing us. I mean, what if something happens??? Besides, we kept telling them the names were tentative. Ugh. MIL keeps saying we have to use the one name we've proposed because it was her great-grandfather's name. Uh, so? We didn't know that when we picked it, so it's not like we were trying to name the baby after anybody. When I'm feeling cranky I just feel like changing their names entirely just to prove a point. Not very mature or motherly of me.

Anyhow, I'll try to post a picture of the nursery when it's complete this weekend.
Must go now--my allotted sitting time is up...


Somewhat Ordinary said...

Your nursery is so cute-I LOVE the curtains!! Wishing you all the best in the coming weeks and will look forward to an update about your little ones!

Hopeful Mother said...


First I want to say congratulations for making it this far with twins. You are a superhero!

Second, I am so excited for your boys' arrival into the world. I can only imagine how ready you must feel.

Third, I love your nursery, even in it's not finished stage. We picked out similar cribs, but our walls are yellow already and will probably stay that way.

The name thing is interesting... but I agree that you should probably just go with the ones you had originally picked. You have your reasons for picking them - let them think whatever they want. At least they LIKE the names!! :-)

Wishing you a SAFE, HEALTHY and SHORT delivery of your miracle boys. Can't wait to read the news. Your posts have given me a lot of hope and understanding of what to expect when expecting twins - so thanks for that!

seattlegal said...

Your nursery looks so pretty!!!

Jamie said...

The nursery looks beautiful!! And like you will have a lot of room -- which you will need with two of them!! I am so excited that the day is drawing near. I hope you feel tons better after they are born -- then you will have "you" back again plus your two little ones!

luolin said...

Oh, I would definitely feel like changing the names just to teach them to listen to you. Guess I'm not mature either ;-)

Love the nursery.

Jacquie said...

Gorgeous room! Your babies will sleep like "babies" in there ;-)

I've enjoyed reading your blog and your baby stories.

Chili said...

That's a fabulous nursery! Love it!

I would totally be tempted to change the names too, so I'll just come on over and sit in the immature corner with you! Looks like we'll have some good company!