Friday, June 29, 2007

Diapers, Doctors, and Die Hard

These are the three things that have kept me from blogging lately. I've gotten a significant amount of my strength back, so I have been able to care for the babies almost full-time during the day. In fact, I was completely on my own with them from 9 am to 5 pm on Tuesday because my mom had some doctor's appointments of her own. I was scared at first, but everything went really well and I managed to get the boys fed, diapered, and bathed without having to leave either one of them cry for too long. When they both decide to have a meltdown at the same time things get very tricky, but I've been managing to multi-task between the two of them very well. I even did their laundry and made a few phone calls.

While I feel better and stronger, my body is still taking its good old time healing. I've had many doctor's appointments since my last post, and things still look crappy for me. Let's see--where to start? Well, my OB thought I'd need a D&C to remove some remaining products of conception. We did an ultrasound, and they saw a little spot of something in the cervical canal, but the OB decided it wasn't worth doing the D&C. (a D&C would be risky for me now anyway because of my liver and clotting issues) I seemed to get a light period last week, but it was a brighter red than normal. Could have been the stuff they saw on the ultrasound. Then the bleeding stopped. Now it has started again. The OB has no idea what to make of any of it.

Next, my liver enzymes are still testing the same (crappy), which isn't good. The liver specialist wants to see some improvement by now. If he doesn't see improvement soon, he feels I should have a liver biopsy done. This is also risky. I had more bloodwork done yesterday and am praying that we'll have some better results. I'm not nearly as yellow as I was when I got home, so something with the liver must be working.

I saw my general practitioner yesterday and he said my urine is full of bile still and "looks absolutely awful," and he again emphasized how surprised he is that I'm alive. Ugh. Getting sick of hearing that. He also has nothing to tell me treatment wise. We're supposed to just sit and wait for my body to heal itself.

I have an appointment with a surgeon today to assess my abdomen, which is still the size of a small kick-ball. When I lean back, you can see all of my intestines moving. It is truly gross. The docs thought I might have a major hernia, but we did a CAT scan last week and it didn't show one. The stomach muscle may just be stretched super thin from the twin pregnancy and subsequent swelling. The surgeon today will assess whether I'll need the stomach muscle repaired in order to bring my intestines back into where they belong. If I do need surgery, I won't be able to have it done until my liver is healed. In the meantime, I have to be very careful not to lift anything heavy or let anything hit or compress my stomach.

Finally, to the last item occuppying my time--Die Hard. H got all three of the original movies on DVD for Christmas, and we've been watching them over the past two weeks after the boys have settled down for the evening. Last night, my parents offered to babysit so we could go see Live Free or Die Hard. I didn't want to go at first--I was depressed about all the doctor's visits and I felt guilty leaving the boys, but I ended up really enjoying the movie. I highly recommend it. It made me laugh my ass off, and that is a hard thing to make me do these days. :)


Sunny said...

WOW here is a huge hug from me. You continue to amaze me!

Melissa said...

Oh Emmie....I'm glad everything is going well with the boys. I just wish you would get better already! I'm sure you're feeling the same...But, we're all thinking about you and praying for you. Let us know if you need ANYTHING!

Jacquie said...

Wow the little steps sound so encouraging!

My wish for you is a recovery as quick as possible. You have had such a journey and seem to really need a break from the hardship!

Your strenght though continues to amaze me.

Anonymous said...

My Gosh Emmie, how unreal it is to read about your body's distress. I pray for you each day that you will heal quickly. And I can only imagine how old the 'being surprised you're alive' comment is. I'm glad to hear you got some alone time with the boys and all went well. And good for you in taking a break and enjoying the movie(s). Sounds like that's needed.
Still status quo on my end. Now 8 days past due and am supposed to be induced Tuesday if he doesn't come on his own. I've been getting non-stress tests every 3 days which have been good so far.
Hang in there. Thinking of you and offering you big hugs, healing, and peace. ~Lisa

Motel Manager said...

You have been through so much already - it is awful that these health issues are continuing! I hope things turn around soon!

GLouise said...

I'm glad that you got a little night off and that the movie cheered you up a bit.

My continued prayers for your recovery!

Alli said...

Good Lord you are like Superwoman! And I don't think it's showing a very good bedside manner for a doctor to express their surprise at you being alive! LOL - when I read that I had to laugh. I can imagine that is getting old!

I hope your body whips itself into shape soon and you can cut down on the doctor visits!!!!

Marie-Baguette said...

I am so sorry your body is taking time to fully recover, but things seem to be moving along. I can't believe a doctor would say something as insensitive as "I can't believe you made it". Thinking of you and hoping for the best