Friday, March 23, 2007

My, What a Large Fundal Height You Have...

I had an appointment with my OB today and saw the nice doctor who examined me when I was having my braxton-hicks freak-out a few weeks ago. She measured my uterus and told me that my fundal height is that of a term singleton pregnancy. I would have asked if that meant my uterus would be incapable of any more growth and that's why old utie has been exercising with the braxton-hicks contractions so much, but I was about to pass out from the pain of her pressing on my belly to get a good measurement. Even H, who had come along, commented afterwards that he was surprised at how she had been man-handling my poor, overstretched belly. Then she got out the dreaded plastic glove and gave me my now weekly cervix!(Note to self, if this hurts, what do you think labor will be like? Need to buck up, dear.) After poking around for what seemed like an eternity, she pronounced my cervix good and closed. She also commented at how low Baby A's head is in my pelvis, and I began having scary thoughts of the poor guy being born with a fingerprint on his forehead from all the poking each week.

She did a quick ultrasound and found that Baby B finally decided to flip around and join his brother in the proper "prepared for exit" position. H and I were quite excited that both of them are in the right position now. Of course, that excitement has turned into a little panic on my end. I have been open to either method of delivery- vaginal or c-section- from the beginning, only caring about doing what is safest for the babies, but in the back of my mind I've been preparing more for the c-section. I feel there are risks and benefits to both methods, but honestly, a c-section was looking a little more appealing to me. With a vaginal birth looming, I'm now worried about the fact that I have the group B strep thing, and I keep having terror flashes of cords being wrapped around the babies' necks as I try to push them out. (H almost strangled on his cord when he was born. He was completely blue.) I also worry that I'll push the first out only to have Baby B go into distress and then I'll need an emergency c-section. This happened to a twin mom my sister knows. At least with a planned c-section, you know they both will have a safe exit and the whole thing will be over in 45 minutes. Any advice out there?

The doc was still a little concerned at the frequency of my b-h contractions, but with a closed cervix there's really nothing to do about it. She just told me to keep a close watch and to come in if they increase in intensity in any way. So, does that mean when I got a cramp with one in the middle of the night tonight I should start to panic? Here I am, back to Dr. Google in the wee hours, just like in the early days of this pregnancy. I'm hoping the cramp was just my digestive system being fussy--there haven't been any others.

In other news, I have my first major stretch marks. There are about five large, angry-looking red streaks on each of my hips. (so that's where I've been hiding my store of all this extra skin, huh?) I'm also seeing the emergence of some light, shiny marks on my belly, which I figured had to happen sooner or later.

30 weeks and 5 days...hang in there, uterus!


Meg said...

Emmie - Even when I was in the middle of labour the cervix checks still bloody hurt. Ugh.

luolin said...

Don't be too hard on yourself about the cervical exam pain. I'm taking a natural chilbirth class which is all about no drugs in labor (I'm still undecided), and those people don't like cervical exams at all either ;-).

I remember Persephone writing about the same cesarian vs. vaginal birth decision for her twins at In the Barren Season last year. As for the GBS, as long as they know it's there and use antibiotics, it's not really an issue is it?

Motel Manager said...

I don't have any advice to share on the birth decision, but just do what feels right for you. Has your doctor given you a deadline to decide by? You might ask her if you do.

Impressive fundal height indeed! Hang in there!

amy said...

I just stumbled upon your blog. Good luck with whatever you decide! I had a singleton about 16 months ago and had a planned C-Section. For just the same reasons as you suggest. I wanted her to come out quickly and safely and figured that was the best way to make that happen. It worked out perfectly and as it turns out she did have the cord wrapped 2x. The Dr. didn't seem to think it was tight enough to cause too serious a problem if she had come out vaginally but it didn't matter to me. I healed quickly and have no regrets.