Monday, March 26, 2007

Enough of March, Already

Time is trickling by so slowly this month that I feel as if it might just stop all together. I am at 31 weeks tomorrow, and the next week cannot go fast enough to get me safely to 32. I so badly want these babies to stay inside until May, but I'll settle for April if I have to. Just so long as they are not born in March. My b-h contractions are still a constant reminder all day that anything could happen at any time now. I am being so careful to rest as much as possible, and I drink gallons of water a day. I'm trying to think positive thoughts as much as possible. My babies will make it to May...

H and I are getting a lot of important details taken care of in preparation for the boys' arrival. We have been interviewing au pairs and we have found one that we like very much. She has experience with boy infants and has two younger brothers she helped raise. Talking to her on the phone has been very natural despite the slight language barrier. H was an exchange student for 6 months not far from her town, so he can speak to her in her native language as well. She has a friend who is an au pair that is currently assigned to a home about 10 minutes from our house. What are the chances of that, given we live in a very rural, out of the way area? We've extended the invitation to her to live with us starting in July, and she has asked that we give her a few days to decide since other families are also talking to her. She said we were her favorite family though. I'm glad she is not rushing her decision, but I really hope she picks us!!!! If she accepts, it will be a huge relief to know we have childcare lined up for the twins once I have to go back to work. I get 16 weeks of maternity leave, which is much more generous that what most of my friends get, but I know it will go too fast. Unfortunately, staying home is not an option for us.

In other news, H's best friend wrote him the other day that he is having a vasectomy this week because he and his wife of 2 years have decided that they definitely do not want kids. They are 32. This is the friend who was adopted and always struggled with that fact. Now he says they will adopt if for some reason they change their mind about kids. I want to scream--don't do it!!!!!!! Just in case. Because 32 is so young. And adopting isn't as easy as you think. And because it devastates me to see someone throw their fertility away in such a permanent manner after H and I struggled so hard to get pregnant ourselves. But H's friend doesn't know we had to do IVF. Doesn't know our heartache. And we have no intention of telling's just too painful and his reaction will likely hurt us (we have very, very different views about things). He and his wife want to come visit us before the babies are born. I really hope the topic of the vasectomy does not come up. He and his wife have always been open about saying they don't want kids, but this seems so drastic. Are other methods of birth control really that hard? It's not easy being surrounded by friends who are consistently getting pregnant by accident or who take their fertility for granted. Everyone we know has had a super easy time of getting pregnant, and that only emphasizes our struggle. But I guess everyone's situation is different, and if H's friend belives a vasectomy is the best thing for him, I should not judge. But it does make me sad.


Jacquie said...

Well crossing fingers your guys stay put for a few more weeks.

Sad about DH's friend. Sad because there are so many out there who want and cant, who try and cant, who really deserve and dont get.

Fertility is such a different scenario when you have had issues. Too bad some just don't get that.

luolin said...

I am panicking because it is almost April and I have so much un-done, but I will try to be happy about it for your sake ;-)