Tuesday, February 06, 2007

You May Be a Whale If...

Thank you for all your kind comments and appropriate shock at my photos. I really am happy to be this big, but just kinda shocked.

Anyhow, I had another checkup with my OB practice yesterday and met another doctor. (There are 5 doctors in the practice and they rotate so that you get to know everyone.) She said everything was looking great, and she kinda paused when she got to my weight. I asked if I was gaining too much, and she paused again and said, "Well, it's hard to tell with twins because you're supposed to gain more, but if you're eating sweets in between meals I'd cut them out."

I think that means she has confirmed my whale diagnosis.

The thing is, I'm not eating sweets. Not many anyway. I have some chocolate from Christmas (which is month and a half old, thank you) and I occassionally have a piece after dinner. If I were eating too much, that chocolate would have been gone before the New Year. So, I didn't feel the need to get defensive with the doctor and tell her about how I really only eat healthy snacks or that every other doctor I've seen has said my weight gain is right on track for twins. But I was still a little surprised and let down, especially since I really haven't gained much since my last appointment.

I left feeling kinda depressed, like I got a bad grade after having straight As throughout this whole pregnancy. So I went home and did what any hormonal pregnant woman would do-- ate a few more of my chocolates.

The baby whales were looking good and have been kicking like crazy. I got two cute pictures of them. Baby A is head down and looking good for a vagonal birth, and Baby B is in a different position every time I see him, so it's hard to say. My placenta is still covering my cervix just a tad, so we also have to see how that will resolve. Most everyone thinks it will grow out of the way in time for delivery.

None of the doctors have really talked to me much about whether I'll have a c-section or vaginal birth, and I kinda wish the answer would be more clean cut than this wait and see approach. But I know I have to be flexible here, and ultimately I will do whatever is best for the babies. I think both methods have their pros and cons, and I'm trying not to get my mind set on either way since anything can happen at this point.

I'm starting to get nervous about the actual birth. I've gotten used to having my little whales inside. H talks about how much he can't wait to meet them, and I think--they're fine and safe right were they are so no rush for me.


luolin said...

But you didn't get a bad grade, since you didn't meet her "eating sweets between meals" criteria. So there! Yeah, logic means a lot in these situations, I know.

I think she probably knows how uncomfortable getting big is for you, so she wanted you to know it was ok to eat less ;-)

As long as the baby whales have the room they need, you're ok, right?

Michelle said...

No personal experience here - but I've heard from friends that different doctors have different attitudes about weight gain - even in the same practice. Some can be real sticklers about it. I say that if you're eating well, then don't worry about it.