Friday, January 12, 2007


Every day my belly seems to inflate a tiny bit more. People on the street have started staring at it. My co-workers laugh about it. Surprisingly, not too many people have touched it. I seem to be only gaining weight in the belly area, so I do look a little funny with this huge extension to my otherwise normally proportioned body (not counting the enhanced chest). I love it. It also scares me. I’m 20 weeks. Still a long way to go. My initial maternity pants are now too tight. The mediums that hung on me before now fit perfectly. I wonder how long before I must go shopping again. I’m making an effort not to buy many outfits, saving my hard earned cash for bras.

I never thought it would be this way, but my boobs are the bane of this pregnancy. I am continuing to have trouble finding bras that fit, and when I do, I grow out of them a few weeks later. Thankfully my band size finally seems to be expanding, so I will have an easier time finding larger cup sizes, and I might be able to save a few bras through extenders. I continue to have major indentation marks on my boobs after wearing a bra all day, and I worry that I’m doing permanent harm by always cutting off the circulation. Some days the undersides feel a little numb, and that can’t be good. Seriously though, what else can I do other than not wear a bra at all? (which I think would be too painful, as well as gross given their size) I’ve been “fitted” by three certified bra fitters. They’ve all done their best. I’m just a weird size. I’m still not fully convinced that there’s not something evil lurking in my breast tissue, but I am so focused on bringing this pregnancy to term that I honestly do not want to know. I’ve gotten two dark splotches just outside of my areolas on both breasts that make wonder about the whole IBC thing again, plus the skin still seems different from how it was pre-pregnancy. I’m hoping this is all just hormone related. I see my OB on Monday, so I’ll have her take a look again. Is anyone else out there have this many issues with their ladies???

In other news, the boys are moving around like crazy now! H can feel them easily, and sometimes the movement is so strong it startles me. Goodness, I have little people in there! I’m very excited to watch the twin special that will be on Sunday night to get an idea about what they’re up to in there. I read in the show’s promo material that twins sometimes play games in the womb! I have this funny image of them playing “Go Fish.”

Overall, things are good. I have a hard time sleeping the whole night through because of lots of aches and pains, and my ankles swell every day now, but other than the boob issue I can’t really complain. It makes me wonder what the next few weeks will have in store. I have had a few stomach aches that wouldn’t describe as cramps but that seem troublesome just the same. Another topic to discuss at Monday’s doctor’s appointment. I also see the peri on Wednesday, so I’ll have a full report.

I see it’s delurker week, so please say hello!


Anonymous said...

Yes, you do have two little people in there! I am also looking forward to seeing the "Multiples" series on PBS. How "do" they film that?! It is amazing!

luolin said...

I love the image of the boys playing Go Fish!

I hope you get lots of good and reassuring news from your doctors this week.

by the way, I think Bitch Ph.D talked a little about nursing/pregnancy bras in her Ultimate Bra posts, which are listed on one of her sidebars under "some of my better bitching".

Of course, the lingerie equivalent of "talk to a lactation consultant" is "get fitted by Nordstroms or that local specialty shop". I've done both, with disappointing results in the past (pre-pregnancy, I haven't had as many problems as you during the pregnancy).

Mama2BandT said...

Delurking...hi! At least the boys aren't playing strip poker...yet! hehee

Jacquie said...

Awwww I miss the baby moving inside feeling, and two would be quite intersting.

Anonymous said...

Delurking to say 'hi'.

kellg said...


I've been reading for a while (as we were also doing ivf).

It's interesting to see how couples deal with IF and IVF differently. I'm sorry your family has been so . . . difficult. (We've been very blessed by a supportive and tactful family). Thanks for sharing with us.

UtRus said...

hi! well, i am only 16.5 w with twins (xx/xy) and the belly is getting bigger, but the boobs are still manageable. mind you, I only started out as an A cup, so...

About the IBC stuff... try not to "worry" about it, but DO everything in terms of getting checked. You said in a previous post that there is a great oncologist that you could see anytime? why not.

I have had some breast scare issues as well, during this pregnancy. and a 39 eyar old cousin with breast cancer who underwent a double mastectomy this week (and is doign great with her new saline Bcups). It totally sucks to even have to think about it, but you know what sucks even more? not acting early IF there is something wrong.

You're probably just having normal pregnancy breast changes. But make sure? hugs.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the twin boys Emmie!

What spoke to me so clearly on your blog was that you and your husband were having twins, but you were still infertiles. I waited 10 years for my daughter (she is a natural miracle who came after I gave up the dream of parenthood) and yet I still feel infertile.

Its such a strange feeling and I thought I was the only one who felt it. Thanks for letting me know Im (almost) normal!

Anonymous said...

I am glad everything is continuing to go well and that you are enjoying this pregnancy. I feel like you use to about pregnancy so it gives me a lot of hope that you are finding it much more enjoyable than you had feared!

I did notice that your links are broken. Did you switch over to beta? Very odd! I wish I knew something about blogger but obviously I don't as I had to pay someone to figure out my blog!!