Monday, February 28, 2011

New Blog

Hello out there!

I know some of you still have this blog set up on your RSS feeds and what not, so I'm hoping my old readership will get word that I'm starting a new blog, The Family That Flies Together, to talk about our travels with twins. I've really been wanting to come back to blogging for awhile now--I really miss my blog friends and the comraderie--so I thought I'd combine it with my obsession with travel. I'd like to share my travel stories--the things that work and the things that haven't--with small kids and maybe learn a few things myself along the way.

I hope everyone is doing well out there, and I hope to find you all on your blogs again soon.


Hopeful Mother said...

Hi Emmie! Will check out your new blog.

Lisa said...

Oh my Gosh Emmie. I have thought about you often over the years and just happened to see if you were still out of the blogging world. So pleasantly surprised to see you have returned. I don't know if you remember me. At any rate, I hope all is well.