Friday, July 27, 2007

The New Normal

I'm still here...I'm just finding it hard to blog with the twins and Stefanie, our new au pair, to look after. Stefanie arrived last Thursday night from Germany and is a very nice girl. She's 19, and has experience watching baby boys, but ones that were a little older than my twins. Because the boys are still so small, she's rather timid around them, and I certainly wouldn't leave her alone with them yet. I have a month to "train" her before I go back to work. I figure if I can take care of them by myself with a bum liver, she'll be able to also.

On the liver front, things are continuing to get better. Most of my blood test results from last Friday are in the normal range now. Only my bilirubin remains my eyes are still yellow.

Alas...a baby squeals; more later, I hope!


GLouise said...

I am glad you have an extra set of hands, and some time to train her! :-) She sounds very sweet.

hope548 said...

I'm so glad to hear you're doing better all the time! Good luck with the au pair! I hope that works out well.